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Power Wing

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The Power Wing is a powerful 4 sqm wing and can be used for several applications. A one pump, rapid inflation valve with screw in valve attachment makes for a secure connection whilst inflating. The Power Wing has two struts, the leading edge and center strut which, when inflated, give the wing its stability and redigity. A connecting valve from the leading edge to the center strut, distribute the air and can be closed off. Along the center strut from front to back are a series of grab handles to enable powering and depowering of the wing. There are a further two handles at the center of the leading edge for carrying or retrieving the wing when on land or in the water. A loop in the center of the leading edge allows for the connection of a leash. The Power Wing is supplied with a carry bag, valve adaptor and coiled arm/wrist leash.  The Power Wing is made from light weight but strong materials with scuff pads positioned over vulnerable areas. Two windows allow for clear sight, to the side and forward of the wing.

The Power Wing is easy to control and only takes a short while to master the technique of powering and de-powering. However, it will take a while once on a craft depending on your craft, conditions and general skill. Never give up!

The Power Wing can be used to propel you using a SUP board with or without a foil, a foilboard for surfing, down winders, general foiling, land boarding, skate boarding and even using a surf board if the wind is strong enough to get you planing. Guys are now getting air-born with wings and trying different tricks with foil boards both on a wave and flat water.

A Tip:  when using a wing, always use the arm/wrist leash and a leash on your board. This will prevent loss of one or both of your equipment.

We will be supplying the Power Wing as a customised product which means that you will have the option of choosing your own colours. However, if you would rather purchase a stock Power Wing, please let us know.

Currently, the 4 and 5 sqm Power Wings are the most popular. There are however, a 3 and 6 sqm Power Wings available on request.

If you wish to obtain more info or would like to discuss pre ordering, please send us an email to ; and we will gladly take time to discuss. 

Don't just Wing it, Power Wing it!

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