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Mentese 360 Action Camera Kite Line Mount

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The Mentese 360 Action Camera Kite Line Mount supports both 360 and action Cameras.

Compatible with all GoPro's, Insta 360 One's, DJI Osmo actions and more.

The perfect accessory for capturing your kitesurfing adventures and an excellent tool for your progression.

The Mentese 360 Mount is Ultralight and Durable, made from carbon reinforced polycarbonate, this mount can take a beating while you perfect your tricks.

Quick and easy to install with reliable security during sessions. As a redundancy, the retaining clip makes it impossible for the line to come loose.

Uncompromised kite safety and performance, allows safety line to slide freely but grips the remaining cernterline ensuring proper function of the emergency quick release system and kite performance so you can be rest assured and focused on your riding.  

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