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360 Rotatable, Flexable Action Camera Mount.

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The 360 Rotatable Flexable mount will enable one to mount your action camera (GoPro or similar) on so many objects to get some truly great angles, both in and out of the water.

The base of the mount is made from a highly durable, super tough flexible rubber which will allow the mount to flex and contour around almost anything. Use your immagination!

The GoPro/Action cam fixing mount, is a custom CNC anodised aluminium part that is much stronger than plastic and is light as well.

Fixing mount rotates 360 degrees, allowing for a truly custom filming angle.

Its Multi angle design allows one to fix the mount vertically or horizontally meaning you will always get your shot.

6 Different anchor points on the rubber base gives one a variety of mounting options.

We include a velcro strap and 4 zip ties to enable one to secure the mount to virtually any object. Once the velcro strap and/or the zip ties are tightened, they will fix the mount at its desired angle. Loosten the velcro strap/zip ties and reset the camera angle/position then tighten to hold. Get that great shot! The possibilities are endless!

Several great colors to choose from. 

You can even order a custom color. This would take a bit of time though, so give us a call to discuss your color.

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