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Aero Wing Mount.

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The Aero  Wing Mount from Flymount is Strong, Light and Smart! Designed for secure, adaptable mounting to an inflatable wing strut or kite strut, with a symmetrical, low profile design that works perfectly with a 360 degree camera ( Insta360 One R , GoPro Max) or a standard action camera ( Insta One R, GoPro or similar). A Patent pending design has just one single operational handle that tightens both the jaws and the camera adaptor at the same time, reducing bulk and allowing for an incredible overall weight of just 140g. The Flymount Aero has been designed specifically for mounting to inflatable wings and kite struts with a unique jaw profile that helps to lock the mount in position and prevent movement. Internally, the jaws are lined with soft EVA pads to protect your kit and increase grip when wet. Using the Flymount Aero is simple and intuitive; one single handle opens and closes the camera mount's jaws. As the tightening point is reached, the camera adaptor also tightens, holding the camera firmlu in position, yet allowing for further adjustment if required. Made in the UK from premium grade glass reinforced Akulon and marine grade stainless steel.

Recommended safe mounting range of 80- 130mm  struts.

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