Safety First.

Hi Guys, 

As my first Blog, I’d like to draw your attention to the safety aspect of your equipment. We all know that when the wind is up all you want to do is hit the water as quickly as possible, right? Well, beware, for those of you who don’t check your equipment on a regular basis you could be in for a nasty shock. One of the bits of kit most infrequently inspected is the QR chicken loop. This, as you know comes under quite a load. Underneath the plastic coating is a thick dynema cord and at each end are s/s rings which are attached to the QR system. One side being fixed and the other, when the QR is activated allows for disconnection from the harness hook de-powering the kite. These connections are (depending on the brand) partially obscured from sight, so if there is some wear and tare going on, it could be missed. Two things can happen, firstly, the dynema line due to constant stress could fatigue and snap.  Secondly, one of the connecting rings to the QR system could also fatigue and give way.  Just think about the results! 

Tips: spend a couple of bob and always have a spare QR chicken loop and replace at least yearly if you ride a lot. Inspect all your kit on a regular basis - just before going out, especially if riding in some heavy winds and frequently. If in doubt, don’t go out! Your and others lives could be a risk. Be safe!

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