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DMC Mini boRD for Body Surfing

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DMC Mini bORD is a classic shaped miniture soft surfboard for safe, fun bodysurfing.

Mini bORD is designed for all conditions whether you're bodysurfing big outside sets, fast reef breaks or just getting stuck into your local shore break.

Made from EVA (deck) and PVC (slick bottom) and have double plug anchored hand strap and wrist leash.

The 70/30 top to bottom rail gives a nice bite on the surface and the soft material and rounded nose for safety.

Mini bORD s are flat since your body is yopur contour!

Mini bORDs come in two sizes; Classic for 80kg plus and Junior for up to 75kg riders.

Mini bORDs come in POS box with 3pcs Classic and 4pcs Junior in 2 colorways and 2 slick prints.

Please note: Wetsports is the Agent for DMCFins in the UK and will only supply these products within the UK Market.

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