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MyGo Pro Armband Leash

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The MyGo Pro Armband Leash consists of soft, comfortable, narrow armband with adjustable velcro fixing strap. Connected to the armband, is a stainless steel swivel which is in turn is connected to a heavy duty stainless steel coil encased in PVC. Attach the end of the coil to your camera to prevent loss with a high tensile cord. You now have the ability to safely remove the MyGo mouth mount from your mouth and extend your arm to either. take a selfie or move the camera around for different POVs. Simple, but effective! Get some great pics/videos.

The above pictures of the MyGo Pro Armband Leash do not include a camera/floaty in the purchase of the product.

You are also able to purchase a MyGo Mouth Mount and Pro Armband Leash as a bundle, see our store for details.

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