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Primelines Liquid Wax for kite lines.

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The Worlds leading kite line protection coating system.

Primelines liquid polymer wax for kite lines.

Primelines contains a scientifically formulated and technically advanced polymer wax which was designed in an industrial laboratory.  2 years of extensive testing in harsh conditions kiting in waves, inland lakes, snowy mountains and on land, putting Primelines to the ultimate test. The key drivers in this process were, ease of use, reliability and durability.

Most damage to kite lines occur from abrasion against launching and landing surfaces and from line friction when lines rub against each other. Primelines will protect your lines from these actions, extending their life and make them look and feel new again.

Primelines is a maintenance product that encourages line inspection, protection and care whilst saving you money. 

1. A liquid polymer wax designed for kite lines which is easy and quick to apply with no mess.

2. Apply to new and old kite lines to protect against chaffing and knotting.

3. Makes old lines look and feel like new.

4. Helps prevent new lines from pre aging.

5. Can also be applied to bridals, pig tails and depower lines.

6. 1 bottle will allow for up to 4, 4 line applications and last up to 2-4 seasons.

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