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TG Custom Kite and Surf Boards

£380.00 GBP

TG Custom Boards are made to your specification. Unlike production boards, one is able to design or copy a board to suit a customers size, ability and surf conditions, if you are new to riding a directional, I will advise and work with you to ensure you get the right board for both short and long term. Another benefit of a custom board is that you don't have to wait for a year before another model comes to market. Simply sell your current board and upgrade. If you are serious about your kite surfing, a custom board is the ultimate.

As a seasoned kite surfer and board designer of over 30 years, I am trying new shapes out and improving on current designs.  I will work with you to ensure you get a high performance board based on my experience in board design, materials and surf conditions.

The materials that I use are the most advanced in the market using either HD PU or EPS, XPS blanks. Gearbox fin systems are our fin box of choice as we believe that they are one of the strongest for kite surfing. Although we can fit Futures and FCS systems on request.

As I come from a surfing background, both competitive and recreational, I know the importance of 'feeling' the board and wave beneath you, it's your connection to the wave and getting that feed back. Much like the 'feed back' you get from your kite bar as to what your kite is doing. Becoming one with your board is the ultimate!  There are very few seasoned surfers that ride production boards for this reason. 

We also have a range of boards which have been tried and tested and perform fantastically! From a super fun board capable of light to strongish winds, in small to head high surf, in both mushy or clean conditions. Drives up wind well and is stable through the jibe. Suitable for both beginner to advanced ripper. Sizes from; 5'2'' x 21", 5'4" x 20", 5'6" x 20".  The 'Airchaser' 

For those of you who like to surf and rip, we have just the board. Single to double concaves to a 'V' at the tail will allow you to cut through chop, increase speed on the plane and tight controlled top and bottom turns. Soft, low profile rails from the nose to the front of the fins, then hardening to the tail for grip when riding up wind and powering off the top and bottom of the wave. A slightly wider nose for stability, rolled deck and medium rocker with a nice kick in the tail.  All put together to give you a board to perform! Sizes; 5'4" x 19", 5'6" x 18.5", 5'8" x 18 1/4", 5'10" x 181/4".

So, If you are thinking of a new board, you owe it to yourself to consider a custom board. Shoot us an email with your contact details and lets discuss the possibilities!  

We also carry out board repairs and upgrades. 

Tired of always waxing your board or forgetting to pack wax/no wax? Why not have us apply a non-slip deck for your kite board...problem solved! Call us for details.

Want a new surf board short or long, give us a call to discuss. 

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