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TG Custom' Lift' SUP/ Wing Foil Board

£985.00 GBP

The TG Custom 'Lift' SUP foil board is designed to be used as a SUP or a Wing board with a foil. As a custom board, we will design a board around your weight and ability. So, if you want to just cruise or do down winders either with a wing or using a paddle to propel yourself then the 'Lift' is for you. Great for beginners as we can add some extra width for stability and if you'r more advanced, a more slender board will be for you.

Our boards are constructed from an EPS core and we use the most advanced composites and epoxy resin  to give you good strength to weight ratio.

As standard, we include a twin track foil mount ( twin track will accept most foil mounts of 90mm), leash plug, pressure relief valve, full deck pad and footstrap inserts.

Foil unit not included as depicted above.

If you are looking to get into SUP foiling/Wing foiling, give us a call so we can discuss and design a board for you.

Price starts at £985.00 and does not include paddle, wing, foil unit and freight.

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