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TG Custom 'Wing Glider' Wing Board

£899.00 GBP

The 'Wing Glider' is a customised board designed specifically to be used with a Wing and attached hydrofoil. Being a customised board, we will consider your weight and ability so as not to design something too bulky or too underboyant. The 'Wing Glider' can be used with an extra fin box (optional) to accept a fin so that users new to wing foiling can master the wing first, then attach a hydrofoil to the twin track system to enable hydrofoiling.

The 'Wing Glider' is manufactured here in the UK and has a core of EPS foam, a high density PU foam core into which are glassed the twin track foil mounts for strength. If required, an added fin box is also laminated into this HD PU foam to fit a fin. The board is then laminated using Innegra and 'S' cloths or, if stipulated, carbon cloth can be included. We use epoxy resin to do the lamination incresing the board strength. The hull of the board will have chined rails and a cut away tail for release off the waters surface when touching down. Single or double concaves can also be incorporated to enable quick planing.

The deck will include a leash plug, full deck grip and footstrap inserts if required. Custom board colours are an option and the price will depend on the number of colours and design.

We would like to discuss your requirements or, if you have no idea as to what you want, we will advise on a suitable length, width and volume to suit your ability, application and future abilities.

Please contact us by email; or mobile; 07759549915. we look forward to your communication.       

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