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U.Go SPIKE has been designed to keep your kite or wing safe when not in use. We all have done it or are doing it, throwing sand on the kite/wing, weighing them down with a board or tieing it to your dog! When the wind gets up how many times have you seen your kite nearly lifting off or creeping down wind? Your wing is also a problem as, due to its shape, takes off pretty easily. Now keep them safe with the U.Go SPIKE.

U.Go SPIKE is made from 304 Naval Stainless Steel and with its wedge shape is easy to push into the sand or grass area for a secure, stable anchor. Attached to the U.Go SPIKE is a nylon cord with a stainless steel quick release clip which secures to the kite or wing... easy on, easy off. Once in place, this puppy is going know where and neither is your kite or wing!

So, keep your equipment safe and get a U.Go SPIKE.

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