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XRail Wetgear Hanger

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The XRail is manufactured from re cycled plastic, thus reducing its carbon footprint. The XRail measures 50 x 7.5 x 6cm and weighs just .35kg, so its great to take anywhere when using your wetsuit/drysuit/rashy/gloves/boots and hood when you need to wash, hang and dry them. 

We all know the cost of our equipment, so the XRail is there to prevent stretching and over fatigueing at the neck and shoulders when using a traditional hanger. This will eventually lead to the neoprene breaking down and allowing water ingress, flushing the suit and you know what that means. You may not even see this happening if you have a double lined nylon suit. Eventually, you will need to buy a new suit, that's if you have survived the cold! Make your suit last longer, keep warm and save some £££$$$ with the XRail!

The XRail is designed wider than a traditional hanger with hexagonal open cells, promoting airflow, spreading the wet load allowing the suit to retain its shape and dry quickly to get you back into the water. Its sturdy construction will support up to 5kg.

The XRail is a worthwhile inexpensive investment and with its cleaver design you can affix it anywhere. Attach it to your shower pole using its cleaver cantilever design or screw it into a wall mount. Use it outside ( out of the sun please) or, in your garage, even from your car window. Good ventilation also helps to get your wettie dry.

The bungee cord located discreetly under the Xrail and lets you hang and dry your hood, gloves and booties at the same time as your wettie. This way keeping everything in one place. There is nothing worse than frantically looking for your equipment when the conditions are cooking! We have all experienced this!

So, go on, grab yourself an XRail today, save your wettie from distruction and yourself from a chilly, short session let alone buying a new suit!

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