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U.Go Kite Line Mount for all GoPro and similar cameras.

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U.Go Kite Line Mount.

For use with all GoPro or similar action cameras

U.Go is the most versitile mount currently on the market, allowing one to take videos or photos from the kites lines or /and from a kite strut. Got 2 GoPro cameras? Then why not 2 U.Go Mounts?

1. Made from strong ABS plastic with a quality finish.

2. U.Go fits all 4 line and some newer 5 line kites with a low-vertex.  The new U.Go will include two extra rods to accommodate thicker or thinner lines. 

3. All GoPro, Touchcam and similar action cameras are compatible and don't need adaptors.  Sony, Nikon and Polaroid action cameras will need adaptors,  info available on request. One can also attach a LED Light such as the Litra or Lume cube to get some night kiting in.

4. Quick and easy to mount, locking into position with easy access to camera. No winding of lines or added accessories.

5. With the supplied rods , select the one without the  rubber insert and ensure it locks the U.Go into place, preventing it from slipping down the kite line. The rod with the rubber insert will be for your safety line, allowing the line to run out smoothly without 'chattering' when activated. Instructions are on the backer board of the U.Go.

6. U.Go won't interfere with safety system when activated.

7.  U.Go comes with its own protection sleeve for storage and a camera leash in case of a crash helping to prevent loss of your camera.

8. Several colors to choose from.

9. U.Go is super stable for the best photos and videos. 

10. BONUS  U.Go will also fit onto your kite strut up to 10cm in diameter, should your kite have an open gap at the front of the strut. (see pic above.)

11. You can use your U.Go Line Mount and GoPro with a floaty back door on both the line and strut mount for a secure fit.

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